The Partnership’s Mission Statement

The ABC Partnership is a collaborative effort to improve student achievement and to enhance the teaching and working environment for faculty, staff, and administration through the institutional partnering of colleagues in the ABC Unified School District and the ABC Federation of Teachers. Faculty and administration should have a voice in those decisions that reflect the collaborative efforts and goals of the partnership emphasizing a common understanding of the issues, joint research, sharing of information, mutual respect, and working together to ensure each other’s success.

The Partnership’s Guiding Principles

All students can succeed, and we will not accept any excuse that prevents that from happening in ABC. We will work together to promote student success.
All needed support will be made available to schools to ensure every student succeeds. We will work together to ensure that happens.
The top 5 percent of teachers in our profession should teach our students. We will work together to hire, train, and retain these professionals.
All employees contribute to student success.
All negotiations support conditions that sustain successful teaching and student learning. This is the MAIN THING!
We won’t let each other fail.

The Partnership’s Guiding Principles- Behaviors

We will work hard to understand the core of each other’s job.
We will respect each other.
We will be honest with each other.
We will not “sugar coat” difficult issues.
We will disagree without being disagreeable.
We will reflect on each other’s comments, suggestions, and concerns.
We will seek clarification until we understand.
We will maintain confidentiality.
We will both “own the contract.”
We will solve problems rather than win arguments.
We will laugh at ourselves and with each other.